System   Last / Geschwindigkeit    Laufzeit / Packinterval Racketenlaufzeit Bemerkung
2550 lbs / 163 kts
3040 lbs / 135 kts
24 / 10 Years
24 / 10 Years
10 Years
10 Years
“line cutter” needs to be replaced every 5 years
“line cutter” needs to be replaced every 5 years


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Cessna 182/172

The 182 has many characteristics in common with the other certified systems created for Cirrus.The BRS for Cessna 172s uses the exact same canopy and rocket motor as that used on the Cirrus SR22. It is neatly packaged in the far side of the baggage area aimed out the right half or the rear window. BRS’ patented speed-sensing Slider collar controls how fast the chute actually opens. If the aircraft’s momentum would create unacceptable stresses, the slider retards the canopy’s inflation –letting it first act something like a sea anchor – slowing the plane down as the canopy continues to open. This unique Slider technology assures the fastest overall activation-to-full-deployment-time possible, over the widest speed range possible, without exceeding aircraft load limits.

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