Repack-Center for BRS-1350, -1600 and -1800 Systems

The BRS-Repack-Station in Locktow offers you a pack service certificated by BRS AEROSPACE of your BRS-1350, -1600 and -1800 system. Please fill out the dataform (link above pictures) for announcement of inspection.

Our proved BRS-Repackstation Speyer is responsible for the “smaller” systems (600-1050).

We are trained yearly with BRS and stand in constant contact with the manufacturer to be technically on the newest state. We work exclusively after manufacturer’s default and use only original BRS spare parts.
With pleasure we show to our customers our workshop and explain construction and functionality of the BRS system.

In a rhythm of 6 years the parachutes must be opened, be checked and be packed new. Send in addition the parachute without rocket to us. Please, find out accordingly of the manual how the rocket and the bridle system are to be disconnected by the parachute. In the case of doubt we are available with pleasure for information.

    Form for personal data – Repack