EAA AirVenture OSHKOSH – You can find us in Hangar B, Booth 2018

The new installation kit for VAN´s RV´s will be presented:


1.  The system is designed mostly for the Vans RV-7 and 9 series, but it may work on some RV-6s depending on their weight and balance.  (7s and 9s generally being a bit heavier in the nose).
2.  Same system will work with sliding or tip-up canopies, tri-cycle or conventional gear airplanes.
3.  Fully retrofit-able but simpler on unpainted airframes. 
4.  Takes up no baggage area as it’s installed on the aft side of the cabin bulkhead.  
5.  Kit will come with all mounting hardware, Harness Covers, EgressPanel and full instructions.  (No kit price as of yet)
6.  Total system weight only 37- 42lbs, depending on which parachute required.
7.  Only variation in system (besides pricing) is parachute size.  So a parachute of different capability can be switched out very easily and quickly.
8.  All Kevlar Harnesses.
9.  One guy (with an extra pair of hands periodically) can do the install in a weekend.

The Harness Covers are really the only visible part of the system so we need to make those as inconspicuous as possible.

Flugzeugbau Helmrich will support as partner for installation